Brunette Hair

by Sharon Hopkins

Brunette hair is basically dark brown or black hair. Natural brunette hair looks a class apart and can have an effect on the entire personality of the person. Brunette hair looks better when there is not just one color but multi-tones highlights or lowlights or even streaks to bring out the beauty of dark hair in the brunette hairstyle. Brunette hair has to go with the different kinds of skin tone. Natural brunette hair is usually accompanied by light or olive skinned tones which bring out the best in the hair and the persons features. There are many brunette hair color shades that are available and thus make is a popular choice among people. Besides they could be used on any brunette hair styles. Some of the most popular brunette hair shades are chocolate and as the name suggests it is a deep brown shade which goes with all kinds of skin tones. If you have pin- straight hair this shade of cocoa will make it look rich and complement it. Another favorite brunette hair shade is Nut; this resembles the shade of hazel nuts or walnuts and these colors range from light brown to deep cocoa or black. If you are unsure as to which color would suit you or are thinking of coloring your hair to brunette for the first time it is best to get it done by a stylist. There are a wide range of brunette hair color combinations that go well with different hairstyles. Brunette hair is generally regarded as high maintenance hair or less it would soon get a dull and limp look. Therefore it is best not to dye it yourself and instead get a professional to do it the first time and explain to your how to take care of it. Some people also try out a style of brunette hair with blonde underneath. This gives a very different look if it is done in the right combination of shades and tone or else it would give for hair and features a very drastic look. Dying brunette hair blonde is a very time consuming and complex thing, depending on the tone of your hair it would have to be first bleached and then colored. Brunette hair and blue eyes are a beautiful combination just as brunette hair and green eyes. But if you are trying out such combinations then you have to be particular that your skin tone, eye color and hair color all match. Do a lot of research on combinations and styles before you go for it and the best way is to keep it as natural as possible.

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