Skin Tips for a Beautiful You

by Sharon Hopkins

Here are some skin tips that can help you in your endeavor to beautifying the skin. One of the most natural and simplest healthy skin tips is to give yourself a dry brush exfoliation in the mornings, before you step out for a shower. Use a soft brush with natural bristles to dry clean the body. Doing so helps to get rid of the dead skin cells while allowing the skin to detoxify. Since the skin is the largest organ of elimination, dry brushing as a method of exfoliation helps to enhance the functionalities of the lymph nodes while improving the blood circulation and decreasing puffiness. Another benefit of dry brush exfoliation is that the gentle pressure of the exfoliating technique helps to calm the nervous system.

Revving up your digestion is another useful tip on skin care, especially if you are prone to having a sluggish metabolism. In alternative therapy, healthy and blemish-free skin is a manifestation of a good digestive system. Individuals with skin ailments such as inflammatory disease, acne rosacea, and chronic psoriasis often undergo difficult evacuation of the bowels, unbalanced bacteria in the stomach, leaky gut, and other digestive conditions.

The two most common culprits causing sluggish digestion are lack of enough water and hydration in the body. Water is helpful in eliminating the waste products from the cells and in avoiding constipation. Another culprit that comes in the way of healthy skin is lack of fiber in the diet. Most individuals do not get enough fiber intake from their diets - an average individual consumes approximately 10 - 12 grams of fiber every day. For men aged 18-50 years, 36 - 38 grams of fiber is advocated, and for men over the age of 50 years, 30 grams of fiber is suggested. For women aged 18 to 50 years, 24 - 26 grams of fiber is recommended, while women over the age of 50 must consume approximately 22 grams of fiber daily.
Some dietary additions that can work as tips for skin care:

  • Adding whole grains, fresh fruits, cruciferous vegetables, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, beans and legumes, flaxseeds, salads and oatmeal are helpful as beautiful skin tips, as they work from the inside out in promoting skin rejuvenation.
  • Tips for skin also include having plenty of exercise in order to enliven sluggish blood circulation. One of the best things natural skin tips for the skin is to reduce stress levels through exercise, which will help to boost overall health and loosen lethargy. Inactivity affects skin in more ways than one and leading to bloating and puffiness, skin disease, lumpy deposits of body fat especially on the thighs, and loss of muscle tone.
  • To renew beautiful skin, tips such as avoiding excess sugar also play a major role. Many of us do not realize and are unaware that consumption of table sugar leads to premature aging, wrinkles and skin sagging. Other useful skincare tips include the consumption of healthy and essential fatty acids that are especially important to individuals with inflammatory conditions of the skin and dry skin.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.
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