Weight Gain with Depression Medicines

by Sam Malone

Depression is a state of mind which many researchers feel is a result of chemical imbalances in the brain that are triggered off by events in the physical environment of a person. depression is also one of the most widespread neurotic disorders in the world today. Due to the high incidence of depression and the increasing number of health clinics and professionals treating this disorder, the number of various medicines to treat this disorder, known as anti depressants, has also increased. Anti depressants can help the brain produce balancing chemicals which can help temporarily uplift mood. However, these anti depressants are not without their own side effects.

While most anti depressants are able to improve mood, it is also true that they have many side effects, some of which may be more permanent in nature. Recent studies carried on in various laboratories all over the world have also questioned their effectiveness in the treatment of depression. Most doctors inform their patients about the risks involved in using anti depressants so that the patient can individually assess the risks and can make an informed choice about using these medications. However, those suffering from severe depression may not always have the luxury of choice. Researchers, although they have questioned the efficacy of these anti depressants, have also suggested that if depression is severe, antidepressants are not only helpful, but are also necessary. However, it has been seen that the benefits of these anti depressants may often be over exaggerated. Weight gain is a side effect common to both anti depressants and other forms of mood stabilizers. For most people who are recommended heavy doses of anti depressants, regular exercise is also prescribed to keep increasing weight at bay.

Doctors have long ago found out that the results of anti depressants are extremely individualized. If one medication is working well with one person, it is not necessary that it will work for other too. Therefore, it is not always possible to switch to other anti depressants which are known to cause less weight gain. It has recently been also proven that patients suffering from mild depressions should be treated with a placebo rather than with anti depressants that are only mildly effective. Those who are using any kind of psychotropic medications are also recommended to control their intake of carbohydrates. This helps contain some amount of weight gain that a person may experience. Where regular exercise is not possible, strict diet control may also be necessary.

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