I cant afford costly medicines. What should I do to gain some weight.

Being underweight is a problem that is being faced by a large number of individuals today. The ideal weight that an individual needs to maintain will depend on their age, sex ad height. When a person weighs 10%-20 % below this average, they are said to be underweight. This condition can be caused due to a large number of reasons, some of which are; poor eating habits, stress and anxiety, hyperthyroidism, high metabolic rate and genetics. Underweight people generally tend to have a suppressed immunity system and hence are susceptible to a large number of illnesses. Thus it is important to put on healthy weight.

You can add a few calories by following a few simple home remedies. First and foremost you will need to start by building your appetite. If you find it difficult to consume three large meals, then make it a habit to start snaking on small meals throughout the day. This will provide your body with all the necessary nutrients, and will also help in building your appetite gradually. Consuming bananas is one of the best methods of gaining weight. Have a glass of banana milk shake every morning, or as an alternative you could have the fruit three times a day, followed by a tall glass of milk. This should be done regularly in order to gain weight. Muskmelon is also considered to be very effective when it comes to putting on weight. Muskmelon if had three times a day on a regular basis will yield positive results in a month or two.

Add a teaspoon of honey to glass of warm milk; this mixture should be had daily, as it is also considered to be an effective weight gaining method. Soak 4-5 almonds in a glass of water and leave it overnight. The soaked almonds should be had first thing the next morning on an empty stomach. This remedy is also considered to be very effective in gaining weight. Include plenty of carbohydrates such as starchy vegetables, honey, cereals and sugar into your diet. Fatty foods like germinated wheat, butter, dates, figs, cheese, raisins, rice and flour should also be had in liberal quantities. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and green leafed vegetables as they will provide your body with all the essential nutrients and minerals. Remember to be patient, as the weight gain will not take place overnight. Visible results may be seen 2-3 months later, provided that you are consistent in your dietary regime and eat healthy.

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Weight gain home remedies

For you to gain weight, you need to consume more calories than you use completing your daily activities. These excess calories are stored in the body as fat. For example, if you eat 500 calories more than your daily requirments, you can gain about half a kilogram every week. If you tend to feel full quickly, you should eat frequent, small and balanced meals in order to gain weight. Ideally, you should be on a high carbohydrate and high fat diet and should consume enough fluids and fruits and get enough exercise. Ensure that your diet includes foods such as milk, eggs, cereals, and pulses. In addition, you must include carbohydrates such as sugar, honey, cereals, starchy vegetables, and fruits must therefore in your diet. Consume fats only moderately because you need to consume only enough fats to meet your energy needs but not to exceed the body tolerance.

Your diet must also contain large amounts of mineral and vitamins to keep you healthy. In addition, to ensure an appropriate intake of minerals and vitamins, your diet should also include plenty of vegetables, fruits, and sprouts. Remember that you should not attempt to gain weight by increasing your intake of junk food. This kind of food is full of unhealthy saturated fats. The increased calories in your diet should come from foods that are beneficial for health. Healthy fats include omega-3 essential fatty acids sources like many different fishes and nuts such as walnuts.

You can also do some resistance training exercises like weight training at home with very basic equipment. Avoid exercises like running because it is more beneficial for fat loss and may cause weight loss. It may take a while for the results of your diet plan and exercise to show. However, you must be patient and only choose healthy foods until you have gained the desired weight.

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