Home remedies for weight gain

Tips to Gain Weight

For an optimal weight gain (and to maintain an ideal body weight) one should always follow the path of a balanced diet and exercise instead of depending on medications. This will not only avoid the side effects of a medication on your body but will also prove friendly to your pockets. Follow these simple guidelines to gain weight -

  • Have small frequent meals; instead of three major meals have 6 divided meals. This will help to increase your daily caloric intake.
  • Focus on foods which are caloric dense like seeds and nuts, different kinds of fruit milkshakes, dates, raisins, dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts and dried figs.
  • Never consume water before any of the meals.
  • Your major meals should be comprised of whole cereal wheat tortilla or bread along with a serving of chicken, fish or lean meat or pulses and yoghurt. With at least a serving of vegetable and sprouts in a day's meal.
  • Regular exercise will help to increase your appetite and the muscle mass in the body.

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