I want some home remedies to gain weight. I look very skinny and I do not want myself to look like that. I want to add some mass on my body. Please mail me some easy home remedies for gaining weight and muscle mass. Thanks

Natural Alternative Methods & Diets to Gain Weight

You might be thin and skinny because of insufficient nutrition or because of excessive physical activity. Other reasons for thinness can include emotional factors and skipped meals. Habitual fasting and inadequate exercise are some of the other reasons why you might be underweight. Other causes for you being thin might be improper digestion and food absorption - both of which occur due to a faulty diet. Another factor causing thinness might be the hyperactivity of the thyroid glands. At times, an insufficient supply of vitamin B can result in lack of appetite. So make the switch to foods that are rich in vitamin B. Butter is one such food product that provides rich quantities of vitamin B. You can also include soyabean and whole grain cereals in your diet as well. They also contain large amounts of this vitamin.

If you are underweight, you should see to it that you plan small meals quite frequently during the day. Ideally, you can chalk out a schedule that allows you to have six small meals in place of the usual three royal ones. Since you want to put on weight, your diet should make provisions for a large amount of calories. This way, the body gets to store excess calories as fat after you have used a requisite amount for your day to day activities. Figs are known to be a good fruit to chomp on to increase weight. Also, despite a horrible work schedule, do see to it that you get some proper sleep. In addition, engage in a few exercises as well.

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