Aloe Gel Benefits for Hair and Skin

by Sam Malone

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that is gaining importance as a herbal medicinal option. It is known for its wide range of benefits in treating a number of disorders due to its natural healing properties. It is believed to be especially beneficial in treating skin ailments and in the prevention of premature balding. As a result of its soothing and restorative qualities, aloe is gradually becoming one of the main ingredients in skin and hair care products.

The aloe leaf is split and the pulp is removed for use. Bottled aloe gel is also available in most supermarkets. This gel or pulp can be mixed with any oil, like vitamin E oil, almond oil or castor oil that are known to be beneficial for improving the quality of hair, and has no known side effects that can be detrimental in any way. However, using the pulp in its pure form, without any additives, can lead to wonderful results.

Aloe is rich in nutrients that are essential for improving the general quality of hair and skin. It is known for its invigorating properties that help in preventing premature baldness. Massaging the scalp with aloe pulp improves blood circulation in the scalp and promotes the production of natural oil which is essential for nourishing the hair. Aloe also stimulates the hair follicles and encourages the growth of new strands. As a natural conditioner, it strengthens hair making it silky and glossy, reduces tangles and prevents hair fall. It is an excellent pore cleanser that assists in counteracting the adverse effects of pollution.

Being a natural moisturizer, aloe hydrates the skin on the head, reducing the possibility of dryness, thus reducing chances of flaking, itching and rough, dry hair. Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities, it helps in the treatment of skin ailments that affect the scalp like psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, heat boils and fungal infections that facilitate hair loss and restrict the growth of hair. Aloe absorbs excess natural oil thus reducing the occurrence of dandruff that hampers hair texture. Aloe is also known to maintain the pH balance of hair and skin. After a massage, leaving the gel on for an hour or so, before washing your hair will maximize results. A final rinse with aloe diluted in warm water will also help in locking in the moisture content of the hair, thus improving the quality of hair. Aloe can be applied to damp hair instead of a hair serum and has similar effects.

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