I have boils in my armpit for 9 years. It is not cured permanently. Once in 2 to 3 weeks, it swells and become puss. Had allopathic, homeopathic treatment. I also use to drink alcohol. Kindly suggest medicine and diet?

Boils are usually a sign of some problem that your body harbors. For this you will have to not only eat medicine and change your diet but also make certain alterations to your lifestyle. Since boils are outwards manifestations of inner problems you should first begin cleaning up your system. This basically means that you should not be suffering from constipation. If you have constipation, you should drink one cup of hot milk at bedtime and add a teaspoon of butter to it.

Other, long term and more effective way to treat constipation is by eating healthy food. Eat lots of vegetables since these contain a high percentage of fiber. You should also ensure that these vegetables are not cooked using a lot of spices and oil. Instead, you should savor the actual taste of the vegetables by eating simple dishes. Your consumption of whole grains can be increased and you can substitute breads made of these healthier options for white bread. Use honey instead of sugar and ensure that you drink lots of water and juices. Eating yogurt and buttermilk with all your meals will also help you.

Your diet should be well balanced and give you all the nutrients your body requires. A couple of days of fasting on a fruit and fruit juices diet will help you in cleansing your system and help you get rid of the boil. Your food should not use spices since these can affect the body adversely. Similarly, you should cut down on your intake of coffee and tea. Try and drink some herbal infusions which will help you. Avoid alcohol completely. Ensure that you get sufficient amount of sleep and that you spend at least an hour every day on some form of exercise. The fresh air will help you and the exercise will not only give you an appetite, but also keep you healthy and fit.

You can try to cure your boil by using a mixture of one tablespoon each of milk cream and vinegar into which a pinch of turmeric has been added on it. You can also use a mixture of equal quantities of both onion and garlic juice. When this juice is applied on the boil, it helps to break the boil and get rid of the pus. You can also use cumin seeds on the boil. Simply grind the seeds to a fine paste. This paste can be applied on the boil. Turmeric, due to its well known antiseptic properties, can be applied on the boil and help in curing them quickly.

answered by S C

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