Heart Disease Is More Than A Chest Pain

by Sam Malone

There are many reasons by which people can be affected by heart disease. By knowing these reasons one can start taking precaution before reaching such dire state. Reasons for having heart disease may be very common but the repercussions of the same are very bad for your health.

Age can be a major factor for you to suffer from heart disease. If statistics is anything to go by then it has come to notice that more than 83% of people who suffer from heart disease or any ailments relating to heart is either 65 or older. Being of male gender also causes heart problems as they are prone to die of heart attack in an early age. After menopause the women chances of having heart attacks increases but this is not the same with men.

Heredity plays a very important in determining your chances of having a heart problem. Children's whose parents suffer from heart disease is more likely to be affected by this disease if proper care is not taken. The different races that are around this world among them African American suffers the most due to high blood pressure than Caucasians with higher risk of heart disease. As obesity also causes heart disease, major Americans suffer from it which causes the problem.

Smoking is not good for your health as it causes problems which can lead in a cardiac arrest. Passive smoking is also unhealthy as you are inhaling the fumes from the cigarette which are root cause of the problem. Cholesterol is also an important culprit in causing heart diseases as it gets affected with age, sex, heredity and your diet too.

Blood pressure and lack of physical activity also causes problems. High blood pressure leads to over loading of work to the heart which leads to thickening of heart and chance for stroke, heart attack and heart failure is expected. stress, diabetes, alcohol are all part in causing the heart problems to you.

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