Sometimes I feel difficulty in breathing, recently I been operated with bile stone and it is been removed, 2 times doctors took cadiogram and said I have heart problem please guide me with home remedies

If you have been diagnosed with heart trouble, the first thing you need to do is take care of your cholesterol count. This will help you to bring your heart trouble under control. An attempt to start lowering cholesterol begins with losing weight. The healthiest way to lose weight and cholesterol is to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. If you are unable to do any kind of strenuous exercise, a brisk walk will also work. You would also need to cut out oily, fried and fatty foods from your diet. Prolonged abstinence from such food will gradually bring your cholesterol levels down. This step will also help your gall bladder to recover from the operation. Try to cook in olive oil, which is excellent for gall bladder health and is also the only cholesterol free oil.

Avoid red meat and shrimp, which is exceptionally high in cholesterol. White meat, if taken grilled, boiled or as soup is your best option. If eggs are a part of your daily diet, switch to including them every alternate day, and have only egg whites. Leafy green vegetables make your heart healthier. Switch to skim milk instead of whole. If you include beans in your daily diet, it will help to reduce cholesterol considerably.

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