Is feeling of lethargy and tiredness one of the symptoms of piles?

From your query I can not be sure as to whether you suffer from piles and were experiencing tiredness and therefore posed the query or whether you are simply worried about having piles. Feelings of lethargy and tiredness are certainly not symptoms of piles, but while they may not be indicative of the condition, the actual symptoms of piles could leave you completely drained and exhausted. Piles is an extremely common condition, particularly in the developed world because of the changes in our dietary habits and lifestyle. Over reliance on processed and refined foods, high fat diets and a lack of dietary fiber contribute to a host of digestive ailments, constipation being the most common. Chronic or frequent constipation may seem trivial to those who have grown accustomed to it and now regard it as another part of life just like a common cold, but the problem goes a lot deeper and is the biggest cause of piles.

In addition to dietary factors there may be other contributing factors that could cause piles. The condition is basically caused by excessive pressure on the veins in the anal region. Such pressure can be exerted when straining to pass stools, due to obesity or simply being overweight, during pregnancy, and because of anal sex or chronic diarrhea. A family with a history of piles would also leave you at a greater risk of the condition. Treatment for piles therefore needs to address and eliminate the cause as simply relieving the symptoms would be a temporary solution but will not resolve the problem. Lifestyle and dietary changes are therefore the only lasting solution in combination with natural remedies for temporary relief.

Since you seem to be confused about the symptoms for piles this list of symptoms should help elaborate and make things clearer to you:
  • Passage of blood from the anus, which would be noticeable in the toilet bowl or on toilet paper.
  • In most cases you will also notice a lump on the anus.
  • There may also be a slimy discharge of mucus.
  • The skin around the anus is likely to feel itchy and sore and there would also be some swelling in the region.
  • External piles also causes severe pain and discomfort with the passage of stools.

Keep in mind that there are two types of piles; internal and external. Internal piles may not cause any visible symptoms but inmost cases some symptoms will be noticeable at least over a period of time.

answered by S D

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