March 10, 2008

Know More About Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Symptoms and Treatments

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Artrial Septal Defect is a heart defect that is congenital. This enables blood flow between the right and left atria through interatrial septum. If there is a defect, the blood travels from the left side of the heart to the right and these results into a mixture of arterial and venous blood that may not result to a shunt. When ASD symptoms persist, it is best to know the different Atrial Septal Defect Treatments.

If there is a large deficiency connecting the atria, the blood leaks from the left side of the heart back to the right side and is pumped to the lungs that may cause inefficient oxygenated blood.

This ASD can be treated. In order to determine the type of Artial Septal Defect treatments, consult your physician. Ostium secudum artial defect usually develops unexpectedly as the child grows. Cardiologist should monitor and evaluate once in a while to see if it is closing on its own and must be repaired if it doesn’t close on its own at the right age of a child to prevent lung defects that may develop from long-standing exposure to blood flow.

The Artial Septal Defect Treatments may also include medical management. Most children have no symptoms and do not require any treatments but some children may need treatment to make the heart work better. This treatment includes the prescription of Digoxin, a treatment that helps strengthen and enable the heart to pump more powerfully and Diuretics which helps the kidneys to flash out excess water from the body because ASD also affects the body’s water balance.

Another type of Artial Septal Defect Treatments is the infection control. This is done to avoid the risk of developing an infection especially to children who have ASD. These children are prone to infections most especially in the inner surface of the heart. This treatment is also done to determine if the patient needs an antibiotic before the procedure. Cardiac Catheterization is also a type of treatment that may be recommended if the defect is big and your child develops strict symptoms. This is am umbrella-like patch that is closed and inserted into the injured part through a small tube and is opened to cover the hole.

The most complicated treatment for ASD is the Surgical Repair. It is the closure of Artial septal defect that is carried out through an opening in the central point of the chest. Heart-lung equipment is used to do the work of the heart while the heart is stopped and opened through the right artrium. The hole at the left and right atrium will be stitched to close it and the heart is restarted as the surgery is done. This includes least persistent cardiac surgery.

Though Artial Septal Defect is such a serious disease, Artial Septal Defect Treatments are always available. If you have the symptoms of ASD, consult your doctor right away.