If I have been diagnosed with neuropathy in my arms, would temporarily limiting the use of the arm help with the symptoms, and pain?

Neuropathy is a fairly common condition, particularly among diabetic patients and individuals who suffer from the problem of poor glucose control. It is still not known with any degree of certainty about how high the levels of glucose are for nerve damage to begin to set in. An insufficient supply of oxygen to the nerves can also lead to the onset of the condition as it causes the nerves to shrink, which makes the transmission of nerve signals problematic as there is an increase in the gaps between cells. Degeneration of nerves in most cases begins when the levels of blood sugar are high, which is why diabetic patients are most vulnerable to neuropathy. The condition can also be brought on by nutritional deficiencies, exposure to certain chemicals, some medications and also at times due to pressure on nerves.

Identification of the cause and type of neuropathy determines the effectiveness of treatment. In situations where the medical condition and its causes are identified swiftly treatment is quite effective. In cases that are severe however, damage to the nerves can not be reversed even with proper treatment.

Controlling diabetes is the best way combat diabetic neuropathy. Renal dialysis is on the other hand most effective against neuropathy brought on by chronic renal failure. At times certain medications and toxins may be responsible for the condition and in such cases discontinuation of the medication can completely eliminate the condition. Similarly nutritional neuropathy or neuropathy caused by a deficiency can be treated with mineral and vitamin supplements and metafolin. Physical therapy and acupressure are also beneficial and have been found to be effective in addressing the symptoms. For peripheral neuropathy treatment would include therapies to repair damaged nerves, therapies for pain relief and therapies to improve function. Unfortunately when the underlying cause can not be identified therapeutic options are limited.

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