Color Therapy

by Sharon Hopkins

Colors affect us as much as anything else. Light and colors are extremely important for us. Colors invoke emotions that no other form can. Therefore, change in season and colors around us bring about a change in our mood. Color therapy means alternating ones state of mind with the use of colors.

Another name for color therapy is chromo therapy, a color therapist needs to be trained in this particular field so that he can identify problems with people and treat them according to what is lacking in them, it can be spiritual, emotional, physical or mental. Any disparities related to this therapy are treated through color therapy.

During color therapy, the color therapist might use different tools to repair your imbalances. Methods can range from using gemstones and prisms, to making you wear certain colors and using eye wear of particular colors. These color therapies often highlight the area where there is a need for emotional or mental therapy. A color therapist will help you identify with yourself and repair these for you.

The colors of what we wear and the colors we are attracted to often signal our mental state, some colors are identified with fulfillment, whereas some colors guide us strongly towards a necessity for help. This is where color therapy can become extremely useful. It is a proven fact now, that certain colors suit us favorably and certain colors affect us adversely, this itself will tell you, the type of person you are.

Color therapy specialists or color therapists have to undergo extensive color therapy training so that they can deal with different types of color disparities and are able to use all tools included in color therapy. It is clear that only after the training a color therapist can identify and relate colors with problems and not otherwise, a person who has not undergone this training will not be able to carry out successful treatment for affected persons.

You can use color therapy also for relieving mental stress, finding yourself, relaxation for soul and for body. People feeling down and disturbed lately can try out color therapy since it is healing and you will be able to find relief from your torment through this therapy.

You can also use clothing of certain color as advised to you by the color therapist, color therapists know the deficiency of any element in your body, so color therapy will be able to fill the void by wearing certain color which change your public and personal image and helps you transfer positive vibes and gets rid of negativity.

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