Does mental stress causes rheumatism in ladies?

Stress causes rheumatism 

Rheumatism is a debilitating disease which can be caused by many physiological factors. There is no scientific evidence to prove that mental stress alone can be the cause of rheumatism. There is also no scientific research that reveals whether the problem of stress can cause rheumatism in ladies or men. The gender difference has not been established in this case at all. It is proved scientifically, however, that rheumatism can be aggravated by a mental stress. Rheumatism can have many causes. One of the main causes is considered to be the early onset of rheumatic fever. Rheumatism is also a hereditary condition.

This disease may also skip a generation or even various generations before it is handed down. Another cause could also be accumulation of certain kinds of toxins in the body due to prolonged usage of certain medication and food products that contain the toxin. Long and consistent exposure to these can also lead to formation of this disease in the body.

If a person who already has rheumatism leads a high stress life, the disease will grow manifold, and with double the speed as it would have grown otherwise. A very effective way to control the problem is to include a daily routine of Yoga in your exercise plan.

answered by G R

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