Getting nettle rash or urticaria on exposing to sun, physical workouts, mental stress, ant bites. So far no cure except anti-histmine for temporary relief. This happens daily as I do jog. The rash goes away within 30 minutes. I want to treat this, any hel

Urticaria or nettle rash, as this type of hives is commonly called, is a skin disease. The disorder is basically a hypersensitive skin reaction to the presence of allergens. This allergy is common to both men and women. The development of Urticaria may stem from excessive sweating, animal dander, insect bites, exposure to excessive cold or heat and undue stress. There are a number of home remedies that can address the problem and the disorder and it's symptoms are relatively easy to treat.

As with any allergy or allergic reaction, the most important step is to identify the triggers and eliminate or reduce exposure to them. This can be quite tricky in some cases and you are quite lucky as you have already identified the triggers. As it is an allergic reaction the best thing you could do would be to keep cool, avoid getting too hot from workouts and try to distress and relax frequently. There are a number of very effective home remedies that can be easily made using herbs and other ingredients that are easily available around us. Cassia, Henna, Holy Basil, Rauwolfia and Sandal Wood are some of the commonly used herbs. They are known to have anti inflammatory and soothing properties. A paste made using these herbs can be applied to the area with swelling and irritation to counter it. Aloe Vera gel is also known to provide relief from itching.

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