I have been a lot of junk food lately and also do have some mental stress. I went to the doctor. Blood Pressure is 130/94. He gave me medication and I have been having these medications for the past two days but no result. Kindly help.

The first thing you should know is that no medication, no matter how good and strong it is will show you results in two days. It is pointless to even expect this. So the first thing you need to do in your predicament is to stop monitoring your blood pressure on a daily basis and expecting to see results. This will only add to worsening your situation. This is because if you are suffering from tension, as you say, then simply seeing your readings will only add to your tensions. Keep in mind that anyone who is suffering from the problem of tension will be affected by all things small and large. And seeing that your blood pressure readings have not changed even after taking medicine is no small thing. Instead, you should be asking your doctor how frequently you need to monitor your readings. You may discover that you do not have to do it yourself at all. For most part, high blood pressure is calculated by taking an average of readings across a specific period of time. One or two random readings cannot dictate whether you are suffering from any real problem.

The next thing you should keep in mind is also that you are eating food from outside. This is not a very healthy thing to do. This is because food from outside contains large quantities of salt. And excessive salt is the crux of a high blood pressure problem. If you are consuming too much salt then you will naturally suffer from high blood pressure. It is necessary as far as possible not to eat outside. But if this is a situation you cannot control, then you should take measures to help you out. In order to counter this problem, what you can do is start increasing your water intake. Excessive water will help to flush the salt out from your body via urine and sweat. This is a very healthy occurrence. You should also make it a point to reduce your intake of fried and fatty food, which will only aggravate your problems. Try to have one meal of only salad or leafy greens if possible. This will be of maximum help in controlling your blood pressure. A regular routine of exercise of some kind will also help you with the tension. Exercise is a great mood uplifter and a tension reliever as well. See if you can include it in your daily routine, which will work best.

answered by G R

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