How to relieve stress? Any home remedies

There are several very effective ways to relieve stress. The first step is always to exercise. If you can exercise everyday for 30 minutes, you will find that your tensions drain out along with perspiration. Moreover, exercise releases "happy hormones", known as endorphins which will keep you in a very good mood. Try not to eat the kind of foods that will lead to feeling lethargic, as this will ultimately lead to depression. So, avoid fried and fatty food. Switch to low fat, healthy and mostly high fiber meals for your body to be more sprightly and active. Cut back on chocolate, a scientifically proven "upper-downer", which will make your moods fluctuate.

Sex is considered one of the best stress-busters of all times. If you can indulge at least four to five times a week, you will find that there is no cause for stress of any kind. The other thing that is considered to bust stress is laughter. There are actually laughter clubs that are formed for this very reason. If you can find one, join it. Or else, read a funny book, or watch a funny movie everyday. Laughter will diffuse stress quite quickly. Finally, if something in particular is bothering you, look for a person to share it with. Unburdening yourself with talk is always a healthy way to relieve stress of this kind. You could also try to take a small holiday, as a change in your surroundings will lead to a change of mood as well.

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