Neck Pain Relief

by Sam Malone

The human spine is made up of many bones and also their joints and discs. There are also muscles and ligaments present that help in holding all these together. However a sprain or a strain in one's muscles and ligaments due to any sudden movements or any improper movements can cause pain.

Even over use of a particular muscle can cause one's neck to hurt. Any injury of this nature would result in acute pain that may be felt, and also swelling could occur in one's tissue as a result of injury. These injuries usually take a few days to recover as healing is very slow and thus the neck pain relief process is also a slow one. Normally, the onset of the neck pain may be an immediate occurrence or can take place after a few days. Usually the most affected people will be in the age groups of 20 to 40. Some other related symptoms or signs may be pain in one's shoulder or arm. One may even suffer from headaches and back aches that are related. When one looks down or looks up it can cause an aggravation in the pain. Relief from neck pain can help in increasing one's range of motion and take away any stiffness in the shoulder muscles and the neck muscles. Some of the main causes of neck pain include improper or incorrect posture while reading, sitting or even working at a table.

A car accident or a severe fall or blow could also result in severe neck pain. Lifting of heavy weights, nerve dysfuntioning, bone spur, ruptured or degenerate cervical disc or sleeping without adequate neck support or even one sleeping on their stomach could all be reasons for one suffering from neck aches and pains that could range in severity from mild to severe. Tumors, osteoporosis, spondylosis and congenital problems can all be the cause of neck pain. There are various ways to prevent neck pain from occurring which include the use of a neck pain pillow or various other neck pain relief products like neck supports when sitting in one's car or on a chair. The neck pain relief necklace has been found very useful by various people suffering from neck injuries or neck aches. There are various neck pain relief exercises that one can do to help in strengthening the shoulder and neck muscles. One should learn the correct posture to work in and also to sit at a desk that can help in avoiding one bending over and causing any neck ache or back pain. Diagnosis of the problem usually involves x-rays of the patient's spine; at times the doctor may recommend a MRI scan or a CT scan. These tests are usually carried out with the intention of ascertaining the underlying problem or reason for the neck pain occurring.

Treatment for this problem of a neck pain will normally depend on the severity of the condition. If the discomfort and the pain are intense then the doctor or medical practitioner may recommend the use of a neck collar or may recommend bed rest for about 24 hours or more. They will also recommend the use of ice application over the sore area for about 72 hours if the neck pain is really severe. This is mainly so in the case of trauma due to an accident or a fall. Some studies have shown that the patient staying active may prove to be more beneficial than total bed rest. One could even try the application of heat to provide relief from the neck pain and accompanying body ache.

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