Natural ways and exercises for stiff neck

A stiff neck generally results in a feeling of tightness or soreness and results in the loss of some motion. One of the most common causes of a stiff neck is keeping your neck in one position for too long or straining your neck in one position for too long. Often this occurs if you

Sleep in an awkward position for a long time and this exerts excess pressure on a particular nerve in the neck. the nerves get inflamed due to the pressure and results in a sensation of pan stiffness in the neck. Sometimes the best way to remedy a stiff neck is to correct the posture you keep during the day and in the night. This is important because improper posture leads to the development of chronic neck stiffness and will only make matters worse. Another reason that you might be experiencing a stiff neck is that you ay be sleeping on your stomach. This happens because in order to breathe we have to turn our neck to either onside and this places pressure on the neck for a prolonged period during sleep.

The best way to cure a stiff neck is to exercise the stiff neck. The exercise helps restore movement and the body automatically start to ready itself to remedy the inflamed nerves and loosening of the neck. If the pain is very severe then you can try a mild over the counter medication to help relive the pain but generally rest and a little exercise will do wonders. If your symptoms persist or get worse it is imperative that you consult your doctor as the may be complications related to the spine as well and will need professional medical helps to treat. But you can start off by first trying this exercise. It is very simple and takes approximately one minute to complete and will help relive the stiff neck in a couple of days. Start with your right foot and bend those toes up an down a couple of times. Now try and stretch out your toes sideways such that they are spread out fro each other. Complete this pattern a couple of times and then rotate your foot in a clockwise direction fro the ankle and the then the other way. Repeat the same exercise with your left foot.

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