Sciatic Pain Relief

by Sam Malone

Sciatic pain refers to that pain which results from an inflammation of the person's sciatic nerve. The resulting irritation can move down the person's entire leg all the way till the foot resulting in excruciating pain. This sciatic pain is very often the result of inflammation of one's sciatic nerve and compression of the same nerve root. It can also be triggered off by something as basic as a person sitting on an unusually thick and fat wallet or can be the result of a serious condition like a bulging disc on the spinal column or from a tumor. This condition must always be evaluated by a medical practitioner or doctor and home treatments should be done under medical supervision. Some of the main causes of a sciatic nerve pain include weight lifting, strenuous exercise of any kind and even strenuous yoga procedures. Repetitive stress procedures could result in sciatic pain. Some women develop this condition of sciatic pain during their pregnancy. The main cause of this is the weight of the fetus lying in the front part of the woman's body. This weight causes the muscles in the woman's back to tighten and contract resulting in irritation of the sciatic nerves. When a person sits on a hard object which causes the nerves to pinch then it can lead to sciatic pain. At times sleeping on a hard mattress could also be the reason a person experiences sciatic pain. Doing tennis ball therapy that triggers certain points is useful in providing relief from this sciatic pain at times. Some people get relief from sciatica by rolling on the floor on a hard tennis ball or on some other hard object. The procedure is to place the hard object in the middle of the person's buttocks as it could help some in getting instant sciatic pain relief. The dog's rubber toys have also been found to be quite useful in sciatic pain relief treatment. Some other useful sciatica relief treatment procedures include using a massaging tool which has a rounded end to help in pressing all the points in and around one's hips and their gluteus maximus. There are various yoga steps and positions that one can try in an attempt to get some pain relief from sciatica. Some of the main steps or positions include the knee to chest position. This is considered by many to be one of the most effective positions in treating a condition of sciatica and getting some relief. A variation of this posture is also very effective in the sciatic relief treatment. Some other useful postures in yoga that are helpful include the passive back arch or the Supine cobbler's position. The one leg out and one leg up position is also beneficial in providing sciatic pain relief during pregnancy. One can try this by placing one leg up against the wall. This leg should be maintained at a 45 degree angle. Then as the leg starts to loosen up when can proceed to work up the leg to the ninety degree angle. Another position is the lying twist or the crocodile twist to help in getting some pain relief for sciatica.

Sometimes sciatica pain relief exercises like simply lying on one's back and doing various kinds of stretching positions is considered useful in loosening up the leg muscles. This helps also in getting relief not just from sciatic pain but other body and leg aches as well. Some other sciatica relief exercises include one doing the backward bend, the plough position, the Yoga Mudra or even the half wheel position. When one's muscles are tight, then sciatica can result more frequently. One of the causes of muscles getting tight is a lack of magnesium in the person's diet. Hence magnesium intake should be adequate to avoid this problem occurring. Sciatica pain relief treatment also involves a good proper diet. It has been found that magnesium releases the muscle contractions whereas calcium causes the contractions in one's muscles. Peanuts are a good source of magnesium. There are various other magnesium rich sources of food that include nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Some other foods which are found to be high in magnesium include leafy green vegetables like spinach, lettuce, broccoli and celery. Foods like bananas and beans are also considered to be a rich source of magnesium. Diets that are high in phytates are found to deplete the store of magnesium in one's body. These phytates can be found in foods like unleavened bread and in whole grains. Hence foods and food products like coffee and various other caffeinated products should also be avoided in an effort to maintain one's magnesium levels. Excess intake of calcium should also be avoided. At times application of alternating hot and alternating cold compresses have been found to be beneficial in soothing the pain. Gentle walking can also be useful in aiding sciatic pain a person may be suffering from.

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