Walking and Talking

by Sam Malone

Some people resist the idea of a walking program as they believe that walking would not help them burn as many calories. Well, performing activities with a higher intensity such as cycling and jogging does not always mean that you will burn more calories as compared to walking because you may not be able to sustain such programs for a long time. Walking, on the other hand, is safer and easier than most other forms of exercise. This is why people who are overweight tend to lose more calories while walking.

In addition, walking is a simple exercise that requires very little equipment and can be done both while indoors or outside. Walking not only helps you lose calories, but it is generally found that the incidence of diseases such as stroke, Diabetes, and cancer is less in walkers. They not only live longer, but also get benefits related to their spiritual and mental health.

One way to ensure that you stick to your routine is to get a responsible partner for yourself. Combining walking and talking can be a really great way to help you stay fit. Walking and talking is also a great way to find out if you are walking at the right pace. This pace generally depends on your level of fitness, your walking technique, the goals you have set for yourself, and the terrain you walk on. If you are looking at attaining general fitness then the pace you walk at should increase your heart rate. You should also be able to keep up with this pace for about 30 to 60 minutes. Walking with your head down is not generally recommended and therefore having a partner along would be very helpful. The talk test which involves walking and talking can help you decide the right pace for you. If you are gasping for breath while walking and talking then you are walking too fast. On the other hand you could be walking too slowly if you can carry a tune while walking.

Having an accountability partner or walking with a friend has some other advantages too. Walking and talking to yourself is not fun and people might think that you are crazy. Appreciating things along the way and blurting what is on your mind cannot be done while walking alone. To have someone to talk to can make walking a more enjoyable activity. Walking alone is most boring and can be made better by having someone to enjoy it with.

Walking with someone is definitely more relaxing and refreshing as compared to walking alone. You can ease the boredom of walking alone and have the advantage of a conversation that is enriched and complete.

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