Benefits of listerine for head lice

One of the home remedies for removing lice from the hair naturally involves applying some olive oil or tea tree oil on the scalp as it is effective against the lice and nits. Head lice and nit removal at home can also be done by washing your hair with some vinegar or even applying some mouthwash on your scalp before shampooing. An effective natural remedy for removing lice from hair is to massage the scalp and the hair with some mayonnaise as it is known to kill both the lice as well as the eggs within a couple of hours. Similarly head lice and nit removal can be achieved naturally by preparing a mixture of butter and freshly squeezed lemon which should be applied on the scalp and allowed to remain for at least 20 seconds before washing it off. For removing lice from hair, you should also ensure that objects such as combs, clips, hair bands etc. are kept clean by soaking them in medicated water or hot water. A home remedy for removing lice from hair is to mix together a teaspoon each of garlic paste and lime juice and apply this paste to the scalp. This paste should be allowed to remain for at least 30 minutes before washing it off.

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Lice could be caught anywhere and therefore it is necessary that careful attention is paid to scalp hygiene of your child as well as yourself. There are various ways to treat lice. A simple natural lice treatment involves combing out all the lice and the lice eggs or nits with the use of a lice comb. Some people may even opt to use tweezers to pull out the lice. However this method of ridding your child's head of lice can be fairly time consuming and may not be totally effective. A remedy often used as part of the natural lice treatment is to smother the nits and the lice. This is done by first applying olive oil on the child's head and cover every inch of the scalp. You should then cover the scalp with a shower cap or any kind of plastic bag. Alternatively, you can try using mayonnaise instead of olive oil. This treatment involves leaving the olive oil or the mayonnaise on the child's head for the entire night. However this treatment can prove to be a very messy one which some children may be resistant too. The washing out of the olive oil or the mayonnaise will have to be very thorough and will also help to remove the lice and nits.

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How to get rid of lice eggs in hair?

Nits and lice can easily affect your child once they start going to school and mixing about with other children. There are various ways in which this condition can be treated. A simple way to get rid of lice eggs is by using a lice comb for the hair. The teeth of this comb are very close together and help in pulling out the nits and lice from the roots of the child's hair. Another method of ridding your child's hair of lice is by spraying your child's scalp and hair with some anti bacterial mouthwash. Care should be taken to cover the child's face and ears while undertaking this procedure as it can affect the vision of the child in case it comes in contact with the eyes. Then cover the sprayed head with a shower cap and keep for about two hours. Some people suggest using olive oil or mayonnaise. Simply apply the olive oil or the mayonnaise every part of the child's hair from the roots to the tips. Then cover this hair with a bag of some kind. The way this works, is that it helps in smothering the lice eggs and lice. One can even try the application of tea tree oil on the child's scalp.

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I dont know about listerine but sea breeze and flea and tick dog shampoo works

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