Treatment of Inexplicable Tiredness

by Garreth Myers

Unnecessary or chronic tiredness may be experienced by an individual for a number of reasons. Anyone who feel excessively tired, and very often without any logical reason, should get themselves examined by a doctor to check if the inexplicable tiredness is because of some underlying medical conditions. The best treatment for unnecessary tiredness is following a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy. A lack of sleep, poor diet, irregular work patterns, and lack of a routine can all give rise to this problem.

First try and correct your diet by eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily meals. This is because fresh vegetables and fruits are a rich source of plenty of essential minerals and vitamins that are required to keep the body strong and healthy, Some of the vegetables that should be consumed on a regular basis as part of one’s daily diet are cauliflower, spinach, okra, carrot, tomatoes, and eggplant among others. Similarly, one should also increase the consumption of foods such as watermelon, kiwis, mango, guava, and papaya. Unnecessary tiredness can also be treated by including whole grains, cereals, legumes, nuts and pulses in ones daily diet along with dairy products, lean meat, fish and eggs. Treatment of unnecessary tiredness also includes increasing your intake of fluids so as to avoid the body form getting dehydrated, which is actually found to be the most common cause of unnecessary or chronic tiredness. This is because as the body dehydrates via sweating or urinating, the mental and physical functions of the body are also affected, which results in tiredness settling in even more quickly. In order to avoid dehydration one should drink water throughout the day at regular intervals or even consume fresh fruit juices often. Both vegetable and fruit juices besides just hydrating the body also tend to supply many essential nutrients to the body which are required for the overall maintenance of good health. Another common reason for people experiencing unnecessary or chronic tiredness is fluctuating levels of the blood sugar levels. To take care of this problem and treat the unnecessary tiredness one should add a spoonful of vinegar along with one breakfast cereals. Chocolate is also beneficial in providing us with an instant energy boost and is fairly healthy if not overdone and hence can also act as a temporary treatment of unnecessary tiredness. Sometimes the body posture one person adopts may also result in them feeling tired constantly. This is especially true is one spends a lot of time sitting at one place especially during work and hence it is required to maintain the correct body posture.

Exercising and physical activity are other requirements that may seem contradictory when you’re tried, but a ten minute walk or aerobic workout can actually invigorate you and keep you going for the rest of the day

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