Herbal Supplements – Functions and Composition

Herbal supplements are waving hands to synthetic and natural vitamin supplements. These have become more popular than ever before because of the presence of natural herbs, a gift from nature. Most of the natural herbs like aloe vera, ginger, bitter orange, green tea, milk thristle, dong quai herb, damiana, garlic and rosemary contain essential vitamins and minerals. So, a range of vitamins herbal supplements can be used to safely and effectively treat various health conditions.

Herbal supplement vitamins mineral are the best option for improving health through natural remedies rather than experiencing negative effects of pharmaceutical medicines. A range of these vitamin and herbal supplements treats the human body in a holistic way. These not only curb the symptoms of varied health disorders but also aid in creating optimum health.

Researches have revealed countless of therapeutic benefits and applications of vitamin and herbal supplements. Along with these supplements it is also essential to intake a well balanced diet. Available in various forms and formulation, vitamins and herbal supplements help to promote general health, improve digestion, reduce aging spots, prevent acne, improve memory, provide extra energy and support immune system.

Herbal supplements also serve as good antioxidants. Vitamins minerals and herbal supplements containing herbs such as turmeric, hawthorn, ginkgo biloba, green tea and red clover are best for neutralizing free radicals in human body, prime function of an antioxidant. These natural herbs contain various antioxidants like flavonoids, OPC and curcumin.

Vitamin mineral herbal supplements containing budrock, yellow dock, dandelion root, red clover and sarsaparilla can be well used for reducing acne by purifying blood stream and improving liver function.

During pregnancy, women need to take extra care. Herbal supplements including red raspberry, nettle leaves, chaste tree berry, false unicorn root and wild yarn are best for pregnant women.

Valerian, ashwaganda, borage juice, catnip, chamomile, ginkgo biloba and ginseng are processed, extracted and converted to medicinal form to help people mange stress, anxiety and depression.

Herbs and herbal supplements are good enough for maintaining holistic health but yet has some negative effects on human body when undergoes a reaction with various medications. So, consult a doctor before grabbing the herbal vitamins.