Functions of blood and its importance to human body

Uses and importance of blood

In order to understand how blood can protect the body from disease causing organisms, it is essential that you understand the anatomy of blood. This will help in simplifying the explanation further. Blood comprises two types of blood cells - red and white. Red blood cells (RBCs) essentially pump freshly manufactured blood from the heart to the rest of the body, thus supplying every part of the body with the essential supply of oxygen it needs. RBCs also carry waste products such as carbon dioxide to the lungs, from where it is expelled via breathing. White blood cells (WBCs) are the part of blood that forms the immune system. WBCs provide the body its armor of defense against all kinds of external attacks from bacteria and diseases. WBCs also perform the essential function of sweeping the system and eliminating all manner of waste products from the body.Generally, if you are suffering from any problem, it is the WBCs that will signal your body. A blood test will reveal too many or too few functional and living WBCS in your system, therefore indicating that all is not well. It always takes further tests from this simple blood count test to get into the exact nature of any problem you might have.

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Functions of blood

Blood is made up of two parts, namely red blood cells and white blood cells. The primary function of red blood cells is to carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body tissues and to carry carbon dioxide from the rest of the body tissues to the lungs, where is it disposed. The primary function of white blood cells is to provide defence to the body against all kinds of external organisms and diseases. White blood cells also have the military duty of cleaning up dead cells as well as tissue debris from the body and thus preventing any disease from taking root within. In short, they form the immune system of the human body.

If there is any problem within, the first indicator of that would be a blood test that reveals an unusually large or small number of white blood cells present in the body at that time. This is generally considered the first sign of trouble, and is followed by a number of other tests to determine the exact nature of a problem. Blood is considered to be the indicator of trouble in the body, thus making it the sign post for any disease causing organisms.

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