Natural Sources of Vitamin B

Vitamin B complex can be synthetic, natural or crystalline. Synthetic Vitamin B complex are vitamins that are produced by isolating chemical versions of all B group vitamins whereas crystalline Vitamin B complex are vitamins derived from natural sources but extracted and isolated using various processing techniques that tend to alter the biological and biochemical combinations of the natural sources. Natural vitamin B also undergoes chemical reactions but the reactions are handled carefully in order to maintain the originality of natural food sources.

Natural vitamin B complex defines a blend of B vitamins with the same biological and biochemical combination as found in natural food sources. B vitamins are naturally extracted from food sources by simply removing fiber and moisture, without tampering with the natural function and action of the vitamins in the body.

Even though derived form natural sources, these vitamins are chemically similar to synthetic B complex vitamins. This is because most of the natural supplements are associated with synthetic vitamins to increase potency and stability. Formation of natural vitamins undergoes various processing techniques such as heat and pressure that tends to destroy the enzymes present in natural food sources.

Most of the natural vitamin B complex supplements consist of co-enzyme Vitamin B3, co-enzyme Vitamin B6, niacin, inositol, co-enzyme Vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid, mannitol and sorbitol. Apart from that these also contain some flavoring agents like sucrose, fructose or maltose and coloring agents like beets, carrots or chlorophylls.

Mannitol and sorbitol are used as binders and sweeteners but are not 100% safe for human body. Combination of the two tends to promote tooth decay. These vitamins with the right amount of formulations tend to go into the blood stream immediately. Most of the natural supplements are meant to dissolve under the tongue so that the digestive tract cannot destroy the remaining nutrient value. All the B group vitamins even though different in structure and function, work as a team to perform their individual, specific functions in the body.

Natural vitamin B complex is definitely associated with synthetic vitamins but yet it much better than consuming purely synthetic vitamins. Natural supplements provide a wide spectrum of B Vitamins to fill the nutritional gap by providing a balanced blend of natural B group vitamins.