Are there any home remedies to prevent breasts fibroids?Is Vitamin E good in this matter?In which food vitamin E is found?

Fibroid cysts in the breasts are a surprisingly common occurrence in women between the age of 30 and 50. Fibroid cysts are a natural development as a result of the changes that occur in a woman's breast tissue during every menstrual cycle. One of the biggest problems that a number of women face when affected by breast cysts is that they consider it as breast cancer. As a result, it is extremely important to not only get the condition examined by a doctor, but also to get a second opinion if possible, just in case.

Fibroid cysts in breasts can cause some serious amount of pain and you will need to take certain steps to avoid being affected by the condition too severely. For instance, one of the best methods of fibrocystic breast treatment is to buy a support bra because it will prevent the breast tissue from moving around too much. The kind of diet you consume will also play a huge role in fibrocystic breasts treatment as it is highly suggested that you avoid consumption of foods such as caffeine and sodium. In addition, it also helps to increase the content of cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage in the diet as well.

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How do Breast Fibroids Develop?

After women have been through the child bearing stage of life and inch their way towards menopause, there are a large number of hormonal changes that take place in the body. Along with the hormonal changes experienced during menopause comes the more serious issue of breast fibroids. An imbalance of estrogen in the woman’s body during this stage is the leading cause of breast cysts, also known as fibroids. Breast fibroid symptoms manifest in the occurrence of a lump in either one of the breasts, which is an indication to show that all is not well. A painful lump in the breast is rather alarming, because it needs to be tested for malignancy. Breast fibroids can be treated if they are detected within time. Ignoring a lump in the breast is the most unwise thing any woman could do.

The biopsy report of a lump in the breast will indicate the presence of cancer for which necessary treatment must be undertaken without delay. Estrogen deficiencies can be overcome through the consumption of estrogen supplements that will be prescribed by your doctor, in case you have a deficiency of estrogen. It is important that you visit your doctor frequently and undertake the necessary tests advised by him or her to rule out the possibility of cancer.

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What is fibrocystic breast disease?

Fibryostic breast disease is a condition that is very often confused with breast cancer because of the development of lumps in the breasts. One should remember though that this is a common condition that most women face in their life. This is largely as a result of the changes that the breast tissue undergoes on a monthly basis as a result of the changing hormones. One of the biggest complications when it comes to diagnosis of fibrocystic breasts is the fact that it can vary quite significantly in terms of severity. The more prominent fibrocystic breast disease symptoms present in the condition include infrequent breast pain, however, it could also last through the entire cycle. The woman may also experience heaviness and fullness in the breasts. The lump in the breast would also become larger just before every menstrual cycle.

Fibrocystic breast disease treatment will usually revolve around attempting to reduce the amount of pain that one would experience. Wearing a support bra is one way of lessening the pain because of the fact that it will prevent the breast tissue from moving around too much – thereby lowering the chances of the pain being amplified. One should also make it a point to reduce the consumption of caffeine, alcohol as well as sodium as they are all known to aggravate the condition.

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Can fibrocystic breast disease lead to cancer?

Breast fibroids are a common occurrence among women who are going through the period of menopause. A hormonal imbalance during this period causes women to suffer a loss of estrogen, leading to the formation of fibrous cysts in the breasts. Fibrocystic breast disease and cancer are very closely linked to each other because breast cancer manifests in the formation of cysts in the breasts. A woman who is aware of the formation of a lump in her breast must be wise and aware enough to have it tested for malignancy before it is too late. In the event that a lump in the breast becomes excruciatingly painful, it is best advised that you see your doctor without any delay. Fibrocystic breast lumps can be removed and should be removed while they are still in the primary stages. An estrogen deficiency being the primary cause for breast fibroids, it is advisable that you ask your doctor whether you need to take estrogen supplements which may be prescribed in order to avoid fibrocystic breast disease. Staying healthy, eating the right foods and getting enough daily exercise will all work towards ensuring that you have a future free from medical complications that you are susceptible to.

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Natural cures to prevent breast fibroids-

Take 7 seeds of black caraway and eat them with 1 tsp. honey every day early in the morning.

Indian gooseberry powder 1 tsp. with 1tsp. honey every day should be taken on empty stomach every day.

Rice, bread, chapattis, lettuces, brocolli, almonds, liver of lamb etc. is rich in vitamin E

Definitely vitamin E helps in synthesis of immunoglobins with vitamin C and helps to normalize the molecular structures of the cells and detoxify them thus preventing abnormalities leading to lumps which may be benign or cancerous.

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