Which foods are rich in vitamin A?

Fortunately, vitamin A is a food substance commonly found in a huge variety of foods. It is extremely rare that anyone may suffer a deficiency of this particular vitamin, as it is so freely available in nature. The richest possible source of vitamin A is carrots. When eaten raw, they will breakdown and their vitamin content will be absorbed into your bloodstream almost immediately. The second richest source of vitamin A is milk and almost all milk products. Cheese is a particularly rich source of vitamin A. cottage cheese is the best way to consume vitamin A, as it is low in fat and also rich in the nutrient. Although mozzarella cheese is the richest of all sources of vitamin A, it is also extremely high in fat, so you would need to keep that in mind. Almost all yellow fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamin A. Yellow fruits would include peaches, papaya, mangoes, cantaloupes, peaches and apricots. Yellow vegetables would include all kinds of squashes, turnips, sweet potato, yams and carrots. Leafy greens are also rich sources of vitamin A. In particular, spinach and collard greens are a very rich source. You may have as much as you want. Broccoli is also a very rich source of this vitamin. Kale greens are also a rich source of vitamin A.

If you eat sea food, then you should know that fish are also an excellent source of vitamin A. in particular, fish such as mackerel and salmon are very rich in providing soluble vitamin A to human beings. White meat is also an excellent source of vitamin A. Although it cannot be claimed that it best source, but it can be consumed for this purpose. Liver, on the other hand, is an excellent source of vitamin A. For that matter, all animal innards, or organ meats, are excellent sources of this particular vitamin.

As important as it is for you to know all sources of vitamin A, you should also be aware that excessive smoking, alcohol consumption or drinking of tea and coffee can hinder the absorption of this vitamin in your body. So be careful while consuming any of these products. It is equally important to know that if you are pregnant, you should check your quantity of vitamin A intake. Sometimes, taking too much of this vitamin during pregnancy can cause more harm than good. Any extra should be consumed only under medical supervision.

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