How to treat rash from lip waxing?

There are possibilities that you are allergic to a particular type of wax. Check out for a different wax, the next time you visit your parlor. Avoid scratching the affected area. Rubbing the rash worsens the situation. Avoid waxing the same area, more than once. Use a hemorrhoid cream, in case of inflammation. Try using creams containing cortisone.

Apply a coating of aloe vera gel, as it acts as a soothing agent. Some individuals experience problems when waxing for the first time. You will feel better as you keep doing it. Moisturize the face well, as waxing dries the skin. Tea tree oil is an effective remedy. Topical application of baby oil proves beneficial. Try alternate methods of hair removal, such as threading. Chamomile tea bags are placed cold on the affected area.

Four teaspoons of chamomile is steeped with two cups of boiling water and allow to cool. Strain and refrigerate. Use a wash cloth and place as a cold compress on the affected area. A sensitive skin results in rash. Check out, if you experience the rash, every time you wax.

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