Treatment for sores and blisters on skin around lower legs?

A sore is a type of open wound on the skin that may occur as a result of abrasion. Sores are commonly referred to as blisters or ulcers. This defines a type of sore that is a pus filled eruption on the skin that is sensitive to touch and can be quite uncomfortable.

A common cause for sores on legs is the lack of proper blood circulation. Blood transports various nutrients to all parts of the body. If there is a circulatory problem, then the area that is receiving poor circulation might suffer from malnutrition. This malnutrition is restricted to small parts of the area that is suffering from poor blood circulation. This area may then develop skin blisters or skin ulcers. The other problem with poor circulation is the inability of the area to heal effectively. This is often why the sore or blister appears in the first place. When the skin is injured, the blood is expected to provide nutrition to the skin to help it grow and redevelop. However, when this does not happen, the open wound may become further infected or may develop into a sore. Venous ulcers are also common in people with vein related problems like varicose veins. Blister sores on legs are often found in groups which may be because an area of the skin is not properly nourished.

When the sores on legs are visible on the lower part of the leg, this is indicative of the cause being circulation related. As one goes further and further away from the center of the body, the circulatory system has to work harder in order to pump blood. If there is a circulation problem even in the top of the leg, it may manifest itself with problems on the lower legs. This is because the blood pressure and flow deficiency will be magnified by the distance of the lower leg from the heart, which is the pumping device. Thus it is also common to find sores on lower legs.

Blisters on the leg can be treated by applying creams as prescribed by a doctor. The patient may also try and do certain mild exercises to improve circulation to the legs. Heat pads tend to increase blood circulation as they warm up the area and circulation is used to try and dissipate the heat. This may help to improve blood circulation to the area and gradually allow the sores to heal. Open sores on legs or any other part of the body would need to be treated with antiseptic creams or solutions as they may develop infections.

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Blister-like sores can appear on the leg for several reasons. The most cause probably is ill-fitting footwear that causes friction and injury on the skin. Blisters can also appear when the skin is exposed to certain chemicals or cosmetics, because your skin might be allergic to them. There are also many underlying medical disorders that can lead to the appearance of sores and blisters on your skin. Poor blood circulation and vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also lead to sores or blisters.

From your question it is not clear what exactly is causing these sores or blisters on your legs. Therefore, it is better to ask for proper medical advice from a physician and ascertain the exact cause and follow proper medical treatment.

Meanwhile, there are some remedies you can try out yourselves at home. The first thing would be to check if it is the shoes that are causing blisters. If it is so, change your footwear to something that is comfortable to your legs. Also, every day, soak your legs in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes and clean the affected area. After this is done, ensure that you wipe your skin completely dry. Do not try to break the blisters forcefully as the burst blisters may get infected. If the blisters break on its own, do make proper dressings for the wound. Use antiseptic ointments and bandages to cover the wound and remember to change the dressing regularly. Also, remove your bandages at night so that the wound also gets some air, which is necessary for quick healing.

It might also help if you take care of the food that you eat when you are suffering from blisters. You can have a cleansing diet consisting mostly of raw green vegetables and fresh fruits. Follow this diet for about a week, and then you can also introduce nuts and seeds to your diet. Following this you can include to your diet grilled fish or chicken along with soups. Avoid eating packaged foods, aerated drinks, alcohol, and stop smoking immediately (if you smoke, that is).

Since it is always better to prevent rather than cure, it is advised that you follow certain rules even after your blisters are gone. Use of comfortable is emphasized, as has already been mentioned. Always wear socks so that your feel receives minimum friction from your footwear. Use moisturizers and talcum powder on your legs before you wear your socks so as to prevent blisters from occurring.

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