Phlegm remedies for infant: How to treat phlegm for a 7 month baby?

In order to treat a child so small, you can try to run a hot steamy bath and add six drops of eucalyptus oil in the water. Sit in this bath with the naked baby and let it inhale the vapors and perspire freely. This will open up the pores and sinuses, allowing the baby to breathe. Make a paste of honey, fresh ground ginger and holy basil and add a drop of this paste to a tablespoon of water. This will also help loosen up phlegm easily in the baby. Give the baby warm vegetable broth to drink. If possible, make this at home by chopping vegetables and boiling them in water. Strain and feed this to the baby while warm. If you cannot do this, buy organic.

Raw garlic will also help loosen phlegm. If the baby is breast fed, the mother should eat a clove of raw garlic every night before going to bed. This will help the baby tremendously. As a matter of fact, if the baby is breast fed, it is the mother who should be taking remedial measures, as they will pass to the baby directly in breast milk. Dried ginger and cloves are the best possible remedy for cold, and if taken by the mother, these will help clear up the baby's phlegm almost instantly.

answered by M W

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