How to loosen phlegm using home remedies?

Suffering from a congested chest can be a very uncomfortable experience, especially if it lasts for the course of a few days. In most cases, the chest congestion will usually be the result of a chest cold and will usually have remnants of the causing infection as the immune system attempts to find ways of how to expel phlegm from the system. Understanding how to loosen phlegm is an important part of being able to lead a more comfortable lifestyle when still affected by a chest cold or any other medical complication that causes the development of phlegm. First, and most importantly, is to make sure that you keep your body well hydrated. If there is an adequate amount of water content in the body, the body is unable to produce enough wet mucous, thereby making the phlegm much less sticky. Drinking plenty of water is probably the best method of how to loosen phlegm and an intake of about eight 8 ounce glasses on a daily basis is recommended.

An important part of how to loosen phlegm is to avoid partaking in habits that are likely to aggravate the condition. For example, if you smoke tobacco, it is important to avoid smoking while suffering from chest congestion. This is primarily because smoking tends to aggravate a number of lung conditions as well as respiratory disease. Moreover, smoking interferes considerably with the body's ability to combat most infections - which is again linked with the chest congestion that you are experiencing. Understanding the fact that mucous is nothing more that an accumulation of dead substances and infection is an important part of how to loosen phlegm. This would also allow you a general direction in curing the infection which will help take care of the mucous as well. Although you are likely to be suffering from a hacking cough, it is important that you avoid taking any cough suppressants as they tend to diminish the ability to cough. Such a condition would also restrict the effectiveness with which the body would get rid of the built up phlegm. Coughing is the best way on how to expel phlegm from one's system.

Because the requirement to know how to loosen phlegm is so common, a number of effective home remedies have been developed over the years to treat the condition. Eucalyptus oil mixed in with boiling water is one of the most effective methods of decongesting the chest while also lessening the texture and viscosity of the phlegm in the respiratory system.

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