I have phlegm always but I don't have cough or colds. Do you know what disease is that?

Phlegm is primarily a viscous liquid that is secreted by the mucous membranes in the respiratory system and can vary in color as well as percentages of composition from person to person as well as from instance to instance. The phlegm plays a very important role in the helping the immune system as it helps trap a number of parasites and viruses that can gain easy access into the body. It is also used as one of the most significant diagnostic methods when it comes to analyzing the root cause as well as identifying the condition that an individual is suffering from. Most cases will see an individual suffering from a common cold to develop a lot of phlegm as the body attempts to capture and get rid of all the infection that has caused the condition.

The medical community considers phlegm to be the primary indicator that your body's immune system is actually working overtime in order to help eradicate the problem. While you mention that the mucus in throat in your case does not seem to stem from a common cold or cough, you should not ignore the fact that any kind of phlegm build up is a very strong indication that there is some condition affecting your respiratory system. Excess mucus in the throat can be easily caused by inflammation, infection, allergies or even post nasal drip as a result of some other condition such as bronchitis. One should also keep in mind the fact that certain lifestyle habits are also known to cause excessive production of mucus in the throat. For instance, smoking is known to cause inflammation in the mucus lining of the throat as well as nose and can easily be the root cause of the problem.

Because of the fact that the condition is such a common one, there are a number of home remedies as well as natural methods for phlegm cure that could help you lead an easier way of life. For instance, one of the most important rules when seeking phlegm cure is to ensure that you visit a doctor in the event that your mucous seems to be colored, as it is one of the most prominent signs of an infection and should be analyzed and then treated as soon as possible to avoid any complications. Steam inhalation is one of the best methods of clearing up the respiratory tract after it will appear to have been constricted as a result of the buildup of phlegm. All you need to do to conduct this phlegm treatment is to boil some water and then inhale the steam while also ensuring that the heat does not burn your skin. Drinking plenty of fluids and liquids is one of the most effective phlegm remedies as the fluids will help wash down the mucus that is regularly depositing itself in the throat. Whenever you start to sense the buildup of phlegm in your throat, it is highly advised that you spit it out instead of swallowing it. This will help get rid of any infection that has been caught in the phlegm.

One of the more effective methods of getting rid of phlegm in the throat is to create a mixture of ginger and honey and consume a tablespoon of it everyday in order to bring relief to the individual. Mucus relief could be achieved also with the help of steam inhalation. For this you could boil some water in a vessel breathe through the steam. This could be done by placing your head over the vessel and covering your head with a towel. This would help to loosen the mucus in your nose and throat. However if none of these methods work it is necessary that you go to the doctor and seek medical help.

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