June 17, 2010

Clear Chunky Phlegm in the Throat

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Phlegm is basically thick mucus that tends to form in the sinuses and the throat. This usually forms when the individual is suffering from colds or allergies. Sometimes, when people cough or even otherwise they find some chunky phlegm being expelled. Chunky phlegm is basically the mucus like phlegm that has solidified to some extent. Phlegm can be very annoying and may result in the individual suffering from a cough or a stuffy nose. Sometimes this chunky phlegm may even settle in the chest of the person and result into a bad upper respiratory infection. In some extreme cases this may also result in hospitalization. Some home remedies for chunky [phlegm and any other kind of phlegm is to take a teaspoon of raw honey with a pinch of raw pepper twice a day for at least five days. This will help in drying up the phlegm and thereby eliminating the cough. Another natural treatment for phlegm is to mix two tablespoons of grape juice and honey each and consume this mixture for five days, thrice a day. Grape juice is an effective expectorant that helps in eliminating phlegm from the body. A highly effective and commonly used home treatment for phlegm is mix the juice of one onion and one lemon together in a cup of boiling water. Some honey may be added to this mixture for some flavor. The mixture should then be allowed to cool to a room temperature and the entire cup should be consumed completely in just one sitting.

This mixture should be consumed continuously for 2-3 days at least thrice a day to get rid of the phlegm completely. Chunky phlegm and even regular phlegm could be treated at home by boiling some mint leaves and eucalyptus leaves in a large vessel filled with water. Once the water starts boiling, it should be taken of the flame and the patient should lean over the vessel with a towel draped over their head to inhale the vapors. This steam inhalation is extremely useful in drying up the mucus and opening up the sinuses. Home remedies should be used to treat chunky phlegm or any kind of phlegm as soon as it is observed as the earlier phlegm is treated the easier it is to get rid of it. However if phlegm does not go away in spite of being treated by home remedies for five days, then one should consult their doctor immediately.