March 19, 2010

Effects of Protein Deficiency & Tips to Overcome It

Posted in Category : Foods that Heal

If you are suffering from a protein deficiency, this could lead to serious long term complications. A protein deficiency typically results in a disease called kwashiorkor, which is prevalent in malnourished children and adults. It is extremely important that you not ignore this deficiency, but it is also equally important that you do not assume it without a medical prognosis. You should be aware that an excess of protein can also cause heavy muscle mass, which will lead to weight gain, and this is not a comfortable state of affairs. In order to build up protein in your body, you should add a suitable amount of protein to your diet. The richest sources of protein are animal sources which would typically include eggs, chicken, fish and most other types of white meat such as turkey. Milk and all milk products are also considered to be excellent sources of protein. In particular, cheeses of all kinds are your best friends when it comes to an increased protein intake. However, it is not always essential to take animal protein if you are going to make yours a protein rich diet. You could just as easily add plant protein to your diet and make it work for you as well.

Plant proteins would typically include all beans and legumes. Soya beans are extremely useful in adding the essential requirement of protein to your diet. The best part about soy is also that it can be had in the form of milk as well as tofu. Though these are acquired tastes, they will stay with you once you get them. Soy protein is also instrumental in assisting you to live a long and healthy life. All lentils are useful as sources of protein. You can soak them overnight and then sprout them for better results. Sprouts are extremely rich in proteins when had uncooked. Once cooked, it is not as if the protein gets destroyed, but it does diminish considerably. All tree nuts are also extremely rich in protein. You can have a fistful of nuts every other day if you are overweight and every day if you are of your optimum body weight. Include among these peanuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, hazel nuts, walnuts, pistachios, pecans and almonds. A combination of any or all of these would be useful. Sesame seeds are also extremely rich in protein. Try including them in your diet in some way if you can.