February 4, 2010

Remedies To Prevent And Cure Air Sickness Naturally

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Air sickness is nothing but a different variety of motion sickness. It is what one often experiences when traveling by airplanes, which makes such travel unpleasant for people. The motion leads to a typical queasy feeling that prompts individuals to steer clear of air travel altogether. Keep in mind that there are things you can do to avoid air sickness such as light meals and avoiding reading. People describe motion or air sickness in familiar ways such as vomiting, general nausea and queasiness. You might simply feel uneasy, get a cold sweat or get a headache. Other typical symptoms of airsickness include increased fatigue and vertigo. Air sickness can affect people to different degrees and in different ways.

Causes of air sickness are the same as those of motion sickness since this is simply another form of the same. It has to do with opposing messages received by one’s central nervous system. Sometimes, your air sickness can get worse with head movement. This is why it is important to lie down or simply keep still if afflicted by air sickness. That heavy meal you had before getting on the plane could also lead to the feeling of nausea. Similarly, alcohol could cause air sickness. Stress might just make the sickness worse so it is important for those prone to air sickness to divert their minds and keep relaxed. As fatigue can also be a factor making things worse, you should also get enough rest before and during your flight.

If you are looking for an air sickness cure, you might want to try the following air sickness remedies. An air sickness home remedy is eating soda crackers which are dry. Just a few of these should ease air sickness symptoms. Fresh air usually helps one get over that feeling of queasiness. Clear, carbonated liquids can help overcome that feeling of nausea. Other tips include keeping yourself away from any smells which are too powerful or any kind of spicy food. While alcohol may seem harmless, you shouldn’t have any drinks before getting on the airplane if you suffer from air sickness. The seats on airplanes most desired are those which are found neat the plane’s wings. This is because this location helps overcome the problem of motion or air sickness. If you have a long plane ride ahead of you, you might want to stick to smaller meals. Choose foods that go easy on your digestive symptom and eat these not only during your long flight but also before it.