April 3, 2008

Importance of Prenatal Care

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Medical attention should be given to a pregnant woman. Prenatal care are the regulations that should be followed by a pregnant woman so that she delivers a healthy baby. Prenatal care involves practicing good nutrition, exercising sensibly, taking plenty of rest and avoiding activities that may harm the baby. Eating the right food is very important. Eating fast food only gives extra calories but does not give the necessary vitamins. To avoid any kind of birth imperfections prenatal care is a must.

Prenatal care is of utmost importance. If pregnant woman want to deliver a healthy baby then they should receive prenatal care. Proper prenatal care will ensure that your baby does not have any health problems. Here are some prenatal care tips that will ensure a healthy baby:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Smoking cigarettes or intake of drugs is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. The baby may suffer from mental, physical and behavioral problems if alcohol is consumed during pregnancy. If you want your unborn child to be safe and secure then stop smoking immediately. One negative side effect of alcohol on the baby is low birth weight. Miscarriage is another possibility. During pregnancy whatever you drink or eat nourishes your baby. Hence it is essential to eat nutritious foods. Eat healthy foods such as fruits, low fat milk, vegetables, cheese and eggs.
  • Intake of excess nutrients such as calcium, iron and folate may arm your baby. Consult a doctor when your pregnancy period begins. Without consulting a doctor do not take any medicine. Pain medications which contain ibuprofen or aspirin can be extremely harmful to the developing baby.
  • Be very careful about vitamins. Take prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor. It is very important to visit the doctor during pregnancy.
  • Prenatal care if practiced properly can ensure health and safety of your baby.