A 15 months baby has secured burns on hand from hot boiling water. Suggest natural remedies and home care for speedy healing.

Burns can leave ugly scars that are difficult to fade which can often be embarrassing.

Try the following home remedies to speed recovery & lighten burn marks -

  • Honey will help to speed the recovery process. Apply it on the skin with burns after you have cleaned the wound and made it cold.
  • Apply a thin layer of tooth paste (no gel) on the skin which is burnt, leave it overnight and wash in the morning. This will have a soothing effect on the skin, stop the burning pain and heal the wound without scaring.
  • Apply aloe vera gel along with vitamin E gel on the burnt skin for faster recovery.
  • Blanch green tea soak it in a cotton cloth and apply on the scar region to help heal faster.
  • Dip a cotton ball in essential oil of lavender and apply over the scar region twice daily.
  • If the skin is scarred massage tea tree oil or olive oil on it regularly to lighten it.

answered by Dr S

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