December 23, 2009

Home Remedies And Healthy Diet For Pimples on Tongue

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Pimples can be quite the bane and almost everyone has woken up to one of these at some point in their lives. Even a perfect girl with flawless skin has had to face a pimple at some point of time. Tongue pimples aren’t that common and what appears to be a pimple on the tongue might not be one at all. This is why consulting your health care practitioner before treating this pimple is very important. Pimples do crop up in odd places, like on the lips and forehead. However, there is a higher possibility of this pimple or swelling being a symptom of another problem. Also, since the location of this pimple is your mouth, the sooner you address it the better, since even eating can become quite a painful act. This is different from acne on your face, which can mar your appearance but won’t usually hurt. Sometimes tongue pimples could make it difficult to even sip on water. It is probably your dietary habits which have led to the formation of this tongue pimple. It could also be some kind of reaction to certain foods you might have consumed. Before starting home treatment, at least ask your doctor since it might not be a pimple but a sore or some other problem. In the meanwhile, the following home remedies for tongue pimples can help you cope with the discomfort of the location of the pimple.

Home Remedies

Salt water can really help with such pimples if you swirl it around in your mouth. Do this a number of times in the day as it helps with the pain caused by the pimple. Also, more nutritious food choices are important to prevent and cure such tongue pimples. Besides a healthy diet, such pimples can also benefit from moderate exercise. These simple steps can help not only with pimples but with common health problems like digestion and skin trouble. Fats are to be avoided in your diet since this can make your pimple problem worse. This will be better for your waistline as well as for your acne problem. Acne often flares up due to different kinds of oily food or even an oily face. As mentioned earlier, it is best to let your doctor decide if that bump on your tongue is a pimple, what its causes could be, and how best to proceed with treatment. Sometimes, a visit to the dentist can help immensely.