My child is 3 years old & he is very weak, his face color is yellow. I think this is due to lack of blood in his body. Please tell me some home remedies for increasing blood & healthy diet for my son.

The proper circulation of blood is important and essential for proper functioning of the body. The antibodies in the blood help clean out harmful substances that tend to reside in the tissues of the body. Thus it is probably not the lack of blood but the need for the proper circulation of health blood that is required for your son. One of the best ways to do this is to massage his body well from time to time. The massage helps to stimulate the proper flow of blood through out the body and relaxes the joints and muscles as well. In order to keep the blood clean your son will have to drink plenty of water and avoid eating an excess of junk foods as it causes the build up of fats in the blood vessels and over a long period of time starts to obstruct the flow of blood.

Maintaining the proper diet is essential as it provides the body with the proper nutrients required by your child to stay health and grow. The nutrients provide the organs and the blood with energy and substance needed to form antibodies in order to fight off bacteria. A proper diet for your son must include an equal balance of fruits, vegetables, red and white meats milk and eggs. Do not use too much spice when preparing these foodstuffs. Make sure that as far as possible he consumes green leafy vegetables like radish and spinach as they are specifically known to help clean the blood. Avoid junk or processed foods as far as possible.

answered by G M

There is no such thing as a lack of blood in the body, unless there is blood loss, in which blood pressure drops dangerously low. This is obviously not the case with your son. A yellowish tinge to the skin also has nothing to do with blood loss or low blood pressure, but is usually an indication of some liver problem, such as jaundice and hepatitis, both of which are quite serious and require immediate attention. Yellow skin could also indicate anemia, which is a lack of red blood cells rather than a lack of blood itself, but anemia usually involves paleness rather than yellow coloring of the skin. Anemia also involves fatigue and weakness, but it is not possible to be sure that the problem is anemia without performing a blood test and a thorough investigation of symptoms.

In either case, it is important to get your son to the doctor and, if necessary, perform the required tests to determine whether your son is anemic, has some liver related disease, or some other health problem. Whatever the problem may be, it can turn quite serious, especially in such a young child. Relying on guesswork and home remedies is therefore dangerous and reckless.

answered by M W

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