What is a good recommended diet for a healthy gallbladder?

Diet plays an essential role in maintaining the health and normal functions of the gall bladder. A healthy gall bladder diet should include foods rich in fiber. High fiber content helps in improving digestion and supports normal functions of the gallbladder.

To prevent the occurrence of gallstones, it is essential to exclude processed foods, saturated fats and chemically enhanced food products. Get rid of the extra fat by replacing your food with boiled, steamed or broiled foods. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, as these contain antioxidants and are essential sources of vitamins and minerals.

Meat can also trigger formation of gallstones. But, if you cannot completely exclude meat from your diet, limit the intake of meat and various other meat products. Try to change the dietary habits and add plenty of fruits to your diet. This will help to neutralize the effect of meat intake on the gallbladder.

Limit your intake of cholesterol and food toxins as excessive accumulation of cholesterol can be fatal and lead to the formation of gallstones. Food additives, smoking and alcoholic beverages, flavors and pigments and synthetic preservatives greatly contribute to the accretion of toxins inside the liver, gall bladder and small intestine. This accretion or accumulation of toxins and excess cholesterol creates imbalances in the bile composition, enabling the formation of gall bladder calculi.

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