July 13, 2010

Natural Tips for Wet Dreams (Nightfall) in Boys

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Nightfall or wet dreams occur when you do not have any means to release your sexual tension. Your fantasies work to make it happen involuntarily. When a boy hits puberty, semen is produced on a regular basis in the testicles. Biologically speaking sperms and semen are produced for the sole purpose of reproduction. The testicles do not store the semen for more than a few days. After this the body, either absorbs and then breaks down the sperm and semen, or it finds other natural ways to expel it out of the body. If you are not sexually active or do not masturbate every few days, nightfall is the body’s natural way of getting rid of old sperm and making place for fresh sperm.

You should not worry about nightfall at all. But if this is causing embarrassment to you in the morning and want to prevent this from happening you could try masturbating every few nights.

You could also try not watching so much pornographic or other sex-related material, including reading stories or watching videos. But if you do feel sexually excited, you should try and relieve yourself in a safe, healthy and socially acceptable manner.

You could engage in regular exercise and tire yourself out every day. This could possibly help in reducing your nightfall problem but is in no way a cure for nightfall. As it is only natural for young men to have sexual thoughts, there is no need for a nightfall “cure.”

Instead focus on your studies, work and concentrate on making something out of your life. Learning yoga and meditation can help you focus on the important things in life. Read good books and listen to your favorite music before you go to bed.

In saying this, nightfall and wet dreams every couple days is normal. But if it becomes too frequent a phenomena it could be harmful and may need to be looked into by a doctor. Repeated nightfall makes the semen less dense and it reduces your sperm count. In some cases it could also be a sign of chronic infection in your reproductive tract. If you are concerned, do not feel embarrassed. Consult a trustworthy male adult and get the right medical advice.

Remember that nightfall or wet dreams are quite common amongst teenagers. The good news however is that once you learn to relieve your sexual tension yourself, nightfall will be a thing of the past.