My 10 year old son has a sty underneath his eye. I read that wet cloves help get rid of the sty. Now do I use warm or cold water to wet the clove? And how long do I rub it for and how long after that will the sty go away.

In order to take care of the sty beneath your son's eyes, an application of wet cloves is a very effective remedy to employ. However, it is not merely wet cloves that you need to apply. There is a method to it. What you can do is take a clove and dip it in some boiled water. Then rub this on a spoon till it starts dissolving into a brown fluid. It is this fluid that you should apply to the area that is affected by the sty. It is also extremely important to know that you have to make sure this dopes not get into your son's eye even by mistake. This can actually cause serious and long term damage to his eye. You would have to carefully apply the fluid around the sty - this will work well and effectively enough to push the sty out and help with curing it completely. It does not even need to be applied directly to the sty.

There are also a couple of other highly effective and simple methods you can employ to get rid of the sty. Take a large and flat piece of iron and rub this gently on the area around the sty. You can also use the head of a screw. Remember to be very gentle and particularly careful - you do not want to risk getting anything into the eye even by mistake. Especially when the child is suffering from a sty and cannot even clean out the eye properly. The impact of the iron being rubbed against the sty will supposedly help to get rid of it totally. You can also apply fresh garlic juice to the general area around the sty to heal it well and properly. Once again, remember that if this gets into the eye, it can cause serious damage, so please be careful.

answered by M W

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