What can I use to help my child with his memory and to concentrate in class?

A number of methods have been suggested to enable one to concentrate better while in the classroom and while undertaking other activities as well. Most often the causes of distraction are very minor, but have adverse effects, leaving the child confused and in a cloud of doubt.  

While trying to improve concentration levels, accessing the causes of distraction is an essential step. Phone calls, television and internet connections are a major cause of distraction and should be avoided while studying. Family members also tend to cause distractions while a child is studying at home and should be requested to lower their voices. If the distractions are minimized, the child would definitely be able to retain what is studied. At the same time, it is essential to assess if your child prefers visual aids, auditory means or firsthand experiences while studying. Using the method that interests the child will automatically clarify concepts, make studying fun and boost memory and concentration levels. A regulated study time and play time plays a very important role in improving concentration levels and memory as the body gets tuned to a fixed schedule. Playtime helps to refresh the mind, facilitates learning and ensures that the child utilizes his pent up energy. At home and in the classroom, positive reinforcement and motivation go a long way in improving concentration levels as does the method of teaching. Convincing the child that he is capable of achieving anything that he puts his mind to will also improve the overall outlook of the child. However, apart from all this, every individual has a fixed attention span and this should always be kept in mind.

A sufficient amount of rest, adequate playtime and healthy eating habits play a vital role in increasing attention span and improving the capacity to retain. Stress should be avoided as it reduces the capacity to memorize and concentrate. Breakfast, being the most important meal of the day, should never be missed as it provides energy to keep one going through the day. A balanced diet with foods like milk and dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt, green vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs and whole grain cereals helps to boost concentration levels and memory. Omega 3-fats, found abundantly in seafood, are essential for the optimum performance of the brain.  Krill oil and cod liver oil are also recommended for increasing the attention span. In addition, vitamins A, C and E and various minerals also ensure the smooth functioning of the brain and can be found abundantly in fruits and vegetables.

answered by M W

A good, organic diet, with mostly raw foods. Use Krill Oil for the child's better health, heart, and memory.   If you can't get or afford lots of organic foods, make sure a good, organic whole-food liquid vitamin dose each day. Fish is a good source, but due to mercury poisoning in wild, and PCB poisoning in farmed, the clean Krill oil, or tested and clean Cod Liver oil gels should cover that. Sugar is an inflammatory and will distract.

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