What could cause an 11 year old to lose her memory of the people in her life, etc.

Memory loss is a factor that is normally associated with aging and is accepted as a natural degeneration of the functioning of the brain when a person grows older. However, when the condition affects someone that has not even reached a significant level of brain maturity, it is easy to foresee the worst possible consequences. What needs to be looked at on a priority is to identify whether the memory loss is temporary or permanent. Identifying the relationship between the people that the child forgets along with the influence that that  individual had on her life so far is equally important. A number of factors will influence memory loss including vitamin deficiencies, traumatic experiences, birth defects or even mental conditions. Factors like brain infections, depression and electro conclusive therapy all play a role in the development of memory loss as well. Studies have shown that distinct memory loss is more common in children that suffer from a lack of self esteem or self confidence. Children that suffer from hearing or sight problems also tend to be more likely to suffer from memory loss because of the fact that they find it significantly harder to grasp and retain information.

Dealing with memory loss in a child would require you to visit your family doctor as soon as possible as the home remedy treatments are not really effective when it comes to dealing with memory loss. However, there are a few tips that you could use to help your child prevent the onset of memory loss such as the simplicity of meditation. When performed a few times over the course of the day in 5 minute sessions, they will help boost your child’s memory substantially. Get your child play a lot of games that require substantial mental exertion – such as word puzzles and crosswords as they help nourish and tone the brain. Getting your child to memorize and recite poetry will also help train the brain to retain the information more effectively. stress can be a destructive influence in a person’s life, no matter what age he or she is. Get your child to de-stress on a regular basis by simple breathing exercises – this is especially helpful when you see you child starting to experience a panic attack or anxiety. Increase the child’s intake of carrots as their carotene content is considered to be a very effective memory booster. Also increase her vitamin B6 and vitamin E intake.

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