March 5, 2008

Tips For Treating Inverted Nipples

Posted in Category : Women's Health

In a condition like inverted nipples, the nipples become shorter as compare to its normal size and the patient may have to suffer from tethering or innermost pulling of the breast nipples. A short milk duct or vessel system, which originates chest wall to nipple, causes the retraction of theses nipples.

Though inverted nipples seem to be a benign condition for the women, medically it is considered as the problem for the woman who wants to breast-feed. It is very vital to evaluate this nipple retraction development in the adult women at right time because in some cases, it may even cause tumor. Two types of cosmetic procedures are available for inverted nipple repair where one technique preserves ductal integrity and other procedure does not.

The inverted nipple repair surgery can be carried out in a hospital or in an outpatient clinic. Normally, it takes 1 to 2 hours. In this surgery, two cosmetic procedures are involved which are mentioned above.

The alternative for partial preservation of milk ducts is performed in the inverted nipple repair surgery. A local anesthetic and a tranquilizer is administered by the doctor to make the patient more relaxed and sedate. Around the base of the nipple, the incisions are made on the areola.

During the inverted nipple repair procedure, the surgeon lifts the nipple and areola tissue from the breast and stitches it into an advanced shape with suturing stitches, which are of purse-string style. As the scar around the nipple has a circular shape, there may be an increase in the scar contracture rather than lessening of the nipple projection. Finally the surgeon applies medicated gauze to the site.

The other procedure for inverted nipples repair involves detachment of the milk ducts. This alternative is commonly seen and it is more essential in severe cases. This procedure does not preserve any kind of ductal integrity. In this procedure, the local anesthetic and a sedative is generally used by a surgeon.

The surgeon makes incisions on the nipple base and separates the shortened milk ducts. It allows the nipples with its natural look. Then the surgeon sutures the incisions closely and applies medicated gauze to the nipple region. Women should always be alert of not getting the inverted nipples as it creates problem in breast-feeding.