March 30, 2010

Tips for Breastfeeding | Positions for Proper Breastfeeding

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Tips on Breastfeeding

A mother can begin breastfeeding her baby about an hour after the delivery. For the first three days, the mother will produce yellowish milk, called the colostrum, which is rich in nutrients. This milk builds the immune system of the newborn. A mother will give the baby only her milk for the first six months. The baby does not require any other fluid or food or even water during this time. Breastfeeding can often make the new mother anxious, especially if it is her first baby.

It’s necessary to breastfeed the baby any number of times that the baby demands it. There are a few things to be kept in mind to ensure that feeding is comfortable for the mother and the baby. The mother must be in a comfortable position as feeding can take a long span of time and the mother can tire easily and have a backache. Breastfeeding can be done sitting or also lying down sideways. The mother can stack up a number of pillows to prevent any strain on the back. There are feeding pillows also available in the market that can be kept on the mother’s lap to make the baby reach the breasts easily and give support to her back. While feeding, the baby must take most part of the aerola in his mouth. Suckling only on the nipple will not stimulate the breast and no milk will be produced. This will make the baby remain hungry or he will suckle harder causing sore and cracked nipples. It will be helpful if the mother alternates breasts during feeding and feeds the baby in different positions to prevent sores and cracks. Once the mother feels that her breast has emptied, and the baby’s suckling slows down, she can insert her finger in the corner of his mouth to break his hold. After the baby has fed on one breast, the mother must burp the baby to release any air swallowed by him while feeding. This also makes space in his stomach for more milk. When the mother feeds the baby the next time, she must begin with the second breast of the previous feeding and repeat the cycle.

It would be beneficial if the mother had water by her side while nursing the baby. Having small sips of water restocks the fluids being suckled by the baby. There are special feeding bras available that can be used by the mother. Squeezing the breasts gently will produce more milk.