My friend crossed her mensturation period by two weeks but period did not start yet. Now the pregnancy test is positive. But she does not want a baby now. Please provide any solution that can help her bleed and wipe out pregnancy?

You have already confirmed that your friend is pregnant and the tests confirm it. If she does not want to have the baby now then please take your friend to a gynecologist immediately. Delaying this will only cause further complications.

A gynecologist will perform an abortion to terminate the pregnancy safely. Do not give her any medicines on your own or believe someone who gives you some other remedy for it. There is no therapy or over the counter medicine for an abortion. You cannot simply bleed and wipe it out. This is could put your friends life in danger. She requires immediate medical attention. Only a doctor can advise you and help to terminate the pregnancy safely. You need to inform your friend that in the beginning early stages of pregnancy it is possible to get the fetus aborted by medicines alone. But if she delays it then she might have to undergo a surgery to remove the fetus. The most common method used during the initial 12 weeks for abortion is the suction method that includes a suction pipe attached to a mini medical vacuum pump. This sucks out the bits of fetus from inside the uterus. The doctor then uses a curette to scrape and clean out the walls of the uterus to remove any remaining fetus matter from the uterus. Dilation and suction method maybe used to enlarge the opening of the cervix to empty the uterus during later weeks of pregnancy if the fetus is slightly large in size. If it later than 16 weeks then the fetus is extracted by the intact dilation method where the head of the fetus is first surgically decompressed before removing it from the uterus. This method is not legally allowed in the United States of America.

Another procedure called the hysterotomy abortion is similar to a caesarean section. It is considered to be a major abdominal surgery and is therefore performed under general anesthesia. A smaller incision than a caesarean section is made to remove the fetus. This is generally used during later stages of pregnancy. For an abortion from the 20th to the 23rd week of pregnancy an injection would be given to stop the fetal heart and then it would be removed by the usual surgical methods by a gynecologist. Medical abortions or non surgical abortions are extremely effective if they are done in the initial 49 days of pregnancy and generally do not require any surgical procedures.

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