How to treat fibroids with natural treatments, diet, exercise and safe, effective home remedies?

Fibroids are a common problem that many women face. Fibroids are benign or non cancerous growths that occur on the walls of the uterus and sometimes on the cervix. This condition generally develops in women who are in their late thirties or early forties. Sometimes a family history of the condition may exist. Very often women only find out that they have fibroids during a routine examination. This is because fibroids very often shows no visible symptoms.  When symptoms are present fibroids can cause frequent and heavy menstrual periods and bleeding between periods. The excessive blood loss causes anemia, which in turn causes weakness and fatigue. There are various treatment options for fibroids if the condition causes problems. In cases where the fibroids do not cause any problems or discomfort treatment is generally not needed.

A healthy diet and exercise may not necessarily reduce your fibroids but can help reduce the severity of the symptoms at the very least.

  • Follow a diet that is high in fiber, while low in animal fats and oily fried foods. Prunes, pears, and figs are just some examples of fruits that you should include in your diet for the fiber content. Substitute refined flour products with whole wheat breads and pasta. You can also begin your day with oat meal porridge as oats also have a high fiber value.
  • Soy products are also believed to help combat fibroids, so try adding them to your diet.
  • Try to reduce or eliminate your intake of sugar, alcohol and saturated fats. Intake of these substances makes it harder for your body to regulate hormones. This can increase the severity of your cramps and bloating.
  • Fruits and vegetables should form the bulk of your diet. Broccoli and spinach are particularly beneficial as they are believed to help regulate oestrogen levels.
  • An adequate intake of the B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and potassium can help reduce cramps and bloating.

In addition to your dietary changes, follow a regular healthy routine. A morning walk or stroll will help a lot, and light exercises are also recommended. Exercise helps significantly as it ensures regular ovulation, while fibroids worsen if there is irregular ovulation.

Apart from dieting and exercising there are also some natural remedies and treatments that can help with the condition. Placing a towel that has been soaked in warm water over your stomach helps provide relief from fibroid pains. Ginger is another popular herb that can help with the condition. You can add ginger to your diet either in your cooking or by chewing on a piece of ginger. Ginger and rosemary help with circulation. Ginger also helps reduce inflammation and so does wild yam. Herbs like chamomile and lavender help with muscle spasms. You can add these herbs to your diet in an herbal tea form.

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